How do I start a Live Session?

A Live Session allows you to collaborate with others in real-time! During a live session, any changes made to a project by anyone in the session can be seen live, on-screen, as it is being done. This feature is currently available only on BandLab Web.

How to invite collaborators and start a Live Session

  1. Start a new project in the Studio or open any project from your Library
  2. Click on the Invite button at the top right of the screen
  3. Invite your Collaborators by typing in their username or email address 
  4. Click Send when you are done
  5. Once they've accepted your invitation and opened up the project, you will be collaborating in real-time

How to Join a Live Session (as a Collaborator)

    1. Click the Notification_bell_icon.png Notification Bell icon followed by the See pending invites icon
    2. Accept the project invite
    3. After accepting the invite, click Go to Project
    4. Click Studio
    5. If the owner of the project is online, you will now be collaborating in real-time! 

This is in real-time so make sure you are saving regularly so that you aren't overwriting any of your collaborators' work.

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