Boost FAQ

Boost is an exciting feature that allows you to take your profile or posts you have created and turn them into ads featured in prominent spots in and around BandLab to help you reach more people. 

If you see a profile or a post with the "Boosted" tag, this shows that the profile or post has been boosted.

Boosting your BandLab profile is available only via BandLab Membership, but boosting your posts is available on individual posts.

Who is Boost for?
Boost can be used by anyone wanting to be seen and heard by a wider audience with the goal of gaining more listeners and fans. 
Is Boost available to all users on BandLab?
While Post Boost is available for everyone on BandLab, Profile Boost is a service included with BandLab Membership, so you'll need to purchase BandLab Membership to have your profile boosted on auto-pilot. 
How do I Boost my posts?
To Boost a post on BandLab, tap the Boost button and follow the instructions to set your campaign budget and length. Your post will be boosted once you complete the checkout process. It's as simple as that!
How long will my Boost campaign run?
Your Boost campaign will remain active until the number of promised impressions has been delivered. This means your campaign will end as soon as it reaches the number of allotted impressions.
What happens when my Boost campaign is over?
When your Boost campaign is no longer active, your post stops boosting, but you'll still be able to view your campaign insights.
What happens to my Boost campaign if my account gets suspended?
Your Boost campaign will be put on hold and will resume once your account is reactivated. Please note that accounts on BandLab will only be suspended as a result of violating Community Guidelines. Therefore, we will not provide refunds if the account suspension is valid. If you think we made a mistake, please feel free to reach out to us here.
What happens to my Boost campaign if I delete my account or post, or make my profile or post private?
Similar to suspended accounts, your Boost campaign will be put on-hold and will resume once your account or post is made public again. For deleted accounts or posts, your Boost campaign will remain suspended until the end of the campaign. Partial or full refunds will not be granted in this case since it's a personal choice and not a technical issue on our part. 
How do I monitor my campaign?
Once your BandLab Membership or post Boost campaign is active, you can click the Boost button in your profile or the post you boosted to review your campaign insights.

What are impressions and engagements?
Impressions are counted each time your boosted profile or post is seen on BandLab. Engagements, are counted each time someone interacts with your boosted profile or post. Any action that warrants a "click" on your boosted content counts as an engagement.
Do more impressions give me more engagements?
Not necessarily. While more impressions will greatly increase the likelihood of getting more engagements, it does not guarantee it. The quality of your boosted content will still be the main factor in attracting more engagements.
Why are my engagements so low?
Creating good, interesting content is imperative to gain more engagement, whether boosted or not. Boost enables your profile or post to reach a wider audience on BandLab that may not be seen otherwise, but you'll still want to ensure that your profile or post attracts engagement. 
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