How do I edit a Region? (Mobile)

Whether you import an audio or MIDI file or record something yourself in the Studio, each region can be edited easily using the Region Menu


Some options are only available for audio regions or MIDI regions

A single tap on a region will display a series of icons representing the features below:

Delete.png Delete the selected audio or MIDI region

Copy.png Copy the selected audio or MIDI region

Loop.png Loop the selected region

Slice.png Slice an audio or MIDI region at the center marker

Edit.png Edit a MIDI region using the MIDI Editor

MoreOptions.png More Options to bring up more editing features (such as the ones below) 

Shift.png Shift regions to compensate for latency

Gain.png Gain adjusts the volume of the region

audio.pitch.shift.png Transpose the region 12 semitones up or down

Timestrech.png Timestretch to adjust the speed of the region

Fade.png Fade an audio region in and out

Denoise.png Denoise removes unwanted, low-volume background noise

audio.reverse.png Reverse the selected region

Tapping on a space with no region in the Studio will bring up the option to:

Paste.png Paste an audio or MIDI region at the center marker

sample.add.png Add a Loop from our free loop library to the selected track



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