How do I release an album on BandLab?

Albums are a critical distribution product to share your collection of music to your fans, potential industry contacts, radio stations, music magazines and even labels. Here's how you can get started on releasing your first album on BandLab:

  1. On your homepage, click on Library, then select Albums
  2. Create a new album by clicking the + New Icon
  3. Under Album Information, provide the necessary details about the album, such as Album Title, Description, Genre and the Album Type. You can also upload the album art by clicking the Camera Icon when hovering the Vinyl Sleeve. Your album art should ideally be a square with a resolution of at least 500x 500px (the larger the resolution, the better). Click on Next to proceed

  4. Add music to your album by simply dragging and dropping the tracks from your computer onto the page, or by clicking on the Upload from Computer option. Alternatively, click on Choose from Library to choose pre-recorded Tracks in your Library. Supported formats include - wav, mp3, m4a, ogg, aac

  5. You can edit details about a particular track by clicking on the Pencil Icon on the right, upon hovering over the track. This allows you to update the track's name and description, mark your track as Explicit Content, or set the track as Forkable or Unforkable. 


    Here are some other things you can do on the Tracks page:

    i. Remove a track via the Bin Icon next to the Pencil Icon 
    ii. Adjust the track order by dragging the track up or down to the desired track number
    iii. Once you've made the necessary changes and assigned the track order, click on Save to proceed
  6. The last step would be to Preview your Album page. Click on Customize Page at the bottom right corner to create a suitable theme for your album page by selecting one of the many preset themes available. Check out our article on how to customize your own theme here!


  7. Once complete and ready, click on Publish to release your album on BandLab!
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