BandLab Membership FAQ

What is BandLab Membership?

BandLab Membership grants you access to additional tools and services to assist you in your musical journey!

Send customized email campaigns to fans using Fan Reach, land record deals, gigs, and placements with Opportunities, be seen more on BandLab with Profile Boost, and distribute your tracks to Digital Streaming Services without sharing profits as many times as you want with Distribution. 

Why did BandLab introduce BandLab Membership?
We introduced BandLab Membership to empower users and expand their reach within and beyond BandLab. 
How can I profit from BandLab Membership?
Distribution and Opportunities are features that allow you to generate revenue from your music.

Distributing your music on Digital Streaming Platforms (DSP) enables you to earn a monthly income through royalties. Opportunities open the door for you to earn from live performances, film placements, and record label deals. Other features like Boost and Fan Reach, help you spread your name and music to more audiences and keep your fans engaged, which in turn will help you earn more from your music. 
How much does BandLab Membership cost?
BandLab Membership costs USD 14.95 for the monthly plan and USD 149.50 for the annual plan. Your membership will be renewed at your selected interval until you cancel. 
How do I Boost my profile with BandLab Membership?
With BandLab Membership, your profile will be promoted as soon as you complete the checkout process! No further action required! On average, you will receive between 3.5-7.5k impressions on your profile per month. For best results, ensure your profile is active and you have been posting regularly to encourage more users to follow you.
How do I cancel my BandLab Membership?
BandLab Membership automatically renews on the date of purchase. If you want to cancel your BandLab Membership, you should do so at least 24 hours before the renewal date. You can cancel your BandLab Membership via your account's Membership Settings. Please note that canceling a Membership purchased via the App Store or Play Store must be done via the respective stores. 
Can I get a refund if I forgot to cancel my BandLab Membership?
We can only provide refunds for technical issues resulting in duplicated or erroneous charges. We encourage you to always plan your finances and cancel ahead of the membership renewal date to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle. Upon cancelation, your BandLab Membership will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle.
Will my BandLab Membership cancel automatically if I delete my account?
No, it won't, so you should cancel your BandLab Membership before you delete your account.
How do I get support for BandLab Membership?
If you run into any trouble canceling your BandLab Membership or need help with any of its features, please submit a support request here or write to us at if you're not logged in to your BandLab account. 
What's the difference between Boost and BandLab Membership?
BandLab Membership includes several features, one of which is boosting your BandLab profile. Post Boost, on the other hand, allows you to Boost individual posts. You can find out more about how Boost works here.
Will I see my profile or post appear on the Trending Feed?
While Boosted posts will appear on the Trending Feed, you will not be able to see your own boosted content. Boosted profiles will also appear in "People to Follow" and be seen by other users on their Following Feed. 
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