Refund Policy

Payments for any service on BandLab are non-refundable unless you experience issues with the service or in the event of any billing errors. For clarity, this means we will not issue refunds for the following scenarios:

  1. You forgot to cancel your BandLab Membership subscription/trial before the renewal date
  2. You lose interest in the service midway through the billing cycle
  3. You do not utilize all Membership services
  4. Your digital distribution submission(s) was rejected for valid reasons
  5. You do not find the results in products or services bought favorable or expect the campaigns to be visible in a specific location at a specific time
  6. You made a purchase without knowing what you bought
  7. Your account was suspended for violating our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use

To avoid further recurring charges, you should cancel your BandLab Membership 24 hours before the next billing period. 

In certain circumstances, you may experience billing or service errors, such as:

  1. Being charged more than you opted for 
  2. Being charged multiple times in a single billing period for a single account
  3. Being charged even after you've canceled your Membership
  4. Being charged and there is a malfunction in the Membership, Boost or Promote campaigns while the service is still active so that the malfunction can be verified

The original purchaser must communicate these errors to us. We’re committed to reviewing your request and resolving the issue first. If the issue cannot be rectified and is verified as a billing error on our end, we will process refunds accordingly.

Please note that we don’t manage payments made via the App Store or Play Store. Cancellations or refunds must be requested via the respective stores: 

Managing purchases from the Apple App Store

Managing purchases from the Google Play Store

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