What is BandLab Membership?

BandLab Membership is a premium subscription plan offering exclusive features and perks to amplify your creator journey. By subscribing to BandLab Membership, you gain access to an elevated level of functionality, enabling you to take your musical journey to new heights.

Here’s what you get with BandLab Membership: 

  • BandLab Opportunities: Achieve your aspirations by securing record label contracts, securing bookings for festival stages, gaining access to professional mentorship, and more. 

  • Profile Boost: Elevate the visibility of your BandLab profile to prominent and high-traffic areas within the platform. Increase the exposure of your brand and attract a larger audience to interact with your content.

  • Fan Reach: Enhance the exclusivity of your brand by enabling fans to subscribe for updates directly from you. Foster a deeper connection with your most dedicated supporters by offering exclusive content and personalized messages.
  • Distribution: Effortlessly distribute your music to leading music platforms, expand your reach to global audiences, and retain 100% ownership of your royalties and rights

  • Backstage Pass: Gain access to an ever-expanding, dynamic selection of features and exclusive perks on BandLab, whether it is experimental creation tools in Studio or exciting social features in the app. The pass currently includes:
    • Creation of up to 32 tracks in the Studio
    • Customizable home screen
    • AutoKey
    • VoiceCleaner
    • Voice-to-MIDI
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