What is Fan Reach?

Whether you're an emerging artist or an established musician, Fan Reach is your tool for effective communication and fan engagement. With Fan Reach, you can share updates, exclusive content, and connect with your fans directly to foster a community around your music.

Here's how to start a new campaign:

  1. Click on the star.favorite.png Services tab at the top bar, then select Fan Reach
  2. Go to Fans, click on Copy Link at the top right corner, and share the link with your followers to add them to your mailing list!

  3. Head to Settings to customize your Welcome Message
  4. Select New Campaign to start a new email campaign. You can save up to 10 drafts, allowing you to revise and refine your messages at your own pace

    i. Got an upcoming release? Click on New Track or New Album to select your release from your Library

    ii. Planning something epic? Click on Update your fans to craft your message

  5. Compose your email for your subscribers by entering text in the Subject and Message fields
  6. Once you're ready, hit Send Message to blast your email campaign out to your fans!



While Fan Reach is available to all users, only users with an active BandLab Membership will get access to unlimited campaigns, unlimited fans, and the ability to customize welcome messages!

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