How do I use AutoPitch™?

AutoPitch Vocal Effects are designed to pitch-shift your recorded vocals to hit the right notes and improve your performance, or create unique tuned or off-pitch sounds within BandLab! The Studio offers five individual AutoPitch Vocal Effects:

Classic.png Classic is modeled on the classic automated pitch correction found in countless popular songs

Modern_Rap.png Modern Rap combines deep pitch with a vocoder, sandwiching your vocals

Robot.png Robot is a vocoder effect that takes your vocals and synthesizes them into a robotic voice

Big_Harmony.png Big Harmony harmonizes your vocals in any given key, giving you the large chorus effect popular in so much modern music

Duet.png Duet offers pitch correction with a precise two-tone harmony

Here's how to use it:

Web Mobile
    1. Create a Voice/Audio track
    2. Choose AutoPitch™ at the bottom left of the screen and click the Enable Icon

    3. Select your desired effect from the five available options
    4. Use the Level Knob to adjust the intensity of the effect
    5. Select a specific key and scale you'd like to tune your vocals to
    6. Click the SmartSelect_20210223-000349_Gallery.png Record button to start recording with AutoPitch™ in real-time


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