What is AutoKey?

AutoKey automatically finds and adds the musical key of your recorded regions into AutoPitch. This makes it easier to set the scale without much effort, so you can concentrate on creating music! AutoKey is currently available only on BandLab Mobile with the Backstage Pass.

How to access AutoKey from the AutoPitch scale selection menu?
  1. Inside Studio, create a voice track
  2. Record something by tapping on SmartSelect_20210223-000349_Gallery.png Record at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on AutoPitch™, and tap on the tonic and scale selection menu
  4. Choose AutoDetect Key
  5. The track key will be automatically detected and set

How to access AutoKey from the region action menu?
  1. Tap on the audio region, then tap on the 3_dots.pngTriple-Dot icon
  2. Choose AutoDetect Key
  3. The audio region key will be automatically detected and shown

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Is AutoKey available to all users on BandLab?
AutoKey comes bundled with the Backstage Pass as part of your BandLab Membership. Explore all the perks waiting for our members here!
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