How can I automate volume, pan, and effects?

Use the Automation feature on BandLab Web to automate your track's volume, pan, and effects. Here's how to get started:

  1. Click on fade.png to toggle the automation lane


  2. Click on the dropdown list to choose either to automate the track's Volume, Pan or any of your inserted effect's parameters 


  3. Edit the automation by adding a new breakpoint to the envelope


 Here's a GIF with the exact steps:


Automation Recording

With a MIDI controller, you can record automation instead of manually clicking and adding breakpoints to the envelope.

  1. Using the MIDI Mapping feature, assign a knob or fader to the parameter you wish to automate
  2. Click onfade.pngto toggle the automation lane, then click on the Arm Automation Recording Icon:


  3. Select if you'd like to automate your track's Volume, Pan or any of your inserted effect's parameters to create an automation lane for the selected parameter

  4. Click on SmartSelect_20210223-000349_Gallery.png Record to start recording, and move the assigned knob or fader to record the automation

 Here's a GIF with the exact steps:


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