How do I map MIDI on BandLab?

MIDI Mapping is currently available only on BandLab Web. Use the MIDI Mapping feature to assign and control parameters using the knobs and faders on your MIDI controller. 

  1. Make sure your MIDI controller is plugged in and has been set up for use with Windows or macOS
  2. In the Studio, click on the MIDI Mappings button at the bottom-right of the screen
  3. The parameters that can be mapped will be highlighted red. Click on a parameter you want to map
  4. Move or press the fader, knob, or button you want to assign control to, and the mapping details will be shown in the MIDI Mappings list. Click the Delete.png Trash Bin icon to delete the mapping.
  5. Click on the MIDI Mappings button to end MIDI mapping mode. Move your faders/knobs on your MIDI controller to see if your mapped parameters respond to your actions


Your MIDI mappings are saved via your browser's cookies, so they will be there the next time you use the Studio!

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