How do I edit MIDI tracks?

The MIDI Editor is available on BandLab Web, Android, and iOS! Here's how to use it:

Web Mobile

When you've finished recording your MIDI track on BandLab Web, open up the editor by clicking on the Pencil_icon_effects_Web.pngMIDI Editor button at the bottom left corner of the screen. Here’s how to use the tools:

  • web_arrow_MIDI.png - Selecting and moving notes
  • web_Pencil_MIDI.png - Drawing and changing the note’s length
  • V - Adjusting the velocity of the notes
  • headphone_web.png - Activate the Headphones icon to preview the notes while editing
  • Legato - Use Legato when you want to tie the notes together, making them smoothly connected
  • Humanize - Use Humanize to make the notes less precise, giving them a "human" touch that is heard while playing an instrument
  • +1/-1 or +12/-12 - Adjust the pitch of the notes by moving them +/- 1 semitone at a time or +/- 12 semitones at a time. 
  • 1/1 to 1/32T Quantize - Adjust your notes to the closest time grid according to the Quantization value selected 
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