What are the shortcuts for the Studio?

Keyboard shortcuts are only available on BandLab Web. In the hamburg.png Menu Icon, click Help, then select Shortcuts.

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Key Function
SPACE Play/Pause/Stop Recording
R Record
S Slice Region
A Toggle Automation
C Toggle Cycle
M Toggle Metronome
G Toggle Snap to Grid
V Toggle Velocity
CTRL/⌘ Disable Snap to Grid
L Toggle BandLab Sounds Browser
H Allow dragging of MIDI region via ruler
ENTER/RETURN Go to Beginning
← or → Move Playhead
CTRL/⌘ + C Copy Region
CTRL/⌘ + X Cut Region
CTRL/⌘ + V Paste Region
CTRL/⌘ + S Save Revision
CTRL/⌘ + A Select All Regions
CTRL/⌘ + Z Undo
SHIFT + ⌘ + Z Redo
CTRL/⌘ + ← Zoom Out
CTRL/⌘ + → Zoom In
↑ + SPACE Play from start of track/cycle
↑ + A Arm Automation Recording
↑ + M Mute Track
↑+ S Solo Track
↑ + T Add Track
↑ + D Duplicate Track
↑ + DELETE Delete Track
↑ + [1-9] Select Track


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