How do I use the Looper?

Our Looper is only available to BandLab Mobile at this article's time of release. We have an article about using loop packs for BandLab Web and BandLab Assistant over here.

  1. Tap on the Red + Button to open the Mix Editor.
  2. Swipe left and tap the yellow Looper option on the right to add a new Looper track.
  3. You'll see two tabs, Discover and Library.
  4. Select a Loop Pack from the Discover list to download it and they'll appear in the Library tab.
  5. Select the Loop Pack you've downloaded
  6. Once you've done that, tap on any Loop Packs you've downloaded to open the Looper.
  7. The Looper is a screen with multi-coloured boxes containing entirely playable samples.
  8. Tap any of the coloured boxes to trigger a sample and start making music!
  9. You can also swipe vertically to trigger multiple samples at the same time.
  10. To customise trigger settings, tap on the Pen Icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  11. Tap on a Trigger (coloured box) to select it, then choose between:
    • Loop - Loop the sample continuously.
    • One shot - Play the sample when you tap on it, tap again to stop.
    • Gate - Tap and hold on the sample to play it.
    • Retrigger - Play the sample, tap again, sample plays from start.
  12. Directly below, you can choose the start point in the bar when the triggered sample will begin playing (The metronome is helpful here!):
    1. 0 - The sample will play immediately.
    2. 1/16 - The sample will begin at the next 16th note.
    3. 1/8 - The sample will begin at the next 8th note.
    4. 1/4 - The sample will begin at the next quarter note.
    5. 1 - The sample will begin on the 1 of the next bar.
  13. Once you've customised the sample to your liking, tap the Pen Icon again to go back to the main Looper page.
  14. Loop to your heart's content!


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