How do I use the Drum Machine?

The Drum Machine provides a quick and easy way to create rhythmic patterns in 4/4 time, offering a selection of diverse kits. 

  1. In the Studio, click on SmartSelect_20210223-000705_Gallery.png Add Track at the top left, then choose Drum MachineThe Drum Machine will open with Pattern A & B in the newly created track.
  2. Select a Drum Kit or Pad Kit from the menu at the left of the Drum Machine window
  3. Use Spacebar or click the Play Icon to listen to the pattern
  4. Select a pattern (A-H), then click the boxes to add or remove a sound from the pattern. 
  5. Click the Green Add Button below the pattern name to add it to your track. You can then:
    i. Click and drag the pattern to move it within the track
    ii. Click the pattern, then drag from the mceclip2.png Loop Icon at the top right of the region to loop it



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