How do I use the Looper?

Looper allows you to trigger pre-made Loop Packs provided on BandLab. It's currently only available on the BandLab iOS and Android Mobile app. 

Getting Started
  1. Tap the 20210222_234010.png Create button to open the Studio
  2. Under Track Type, swipe left and tap the yellow Looper option to add a new Looper track
  3. Tap the Loop Pack to preview the sounds. Select your desired pack by tapping the SmartSelect_20210223-000705_Gallery.png Add Icon
  4. In Instrument View, tap any of the colored boxes or swipe over them to trigger a sample and start making music

Play Modes and Time Signatures

To customize trigger settings, tap on the Pencil_icon_effects_Web.png Edit Icon in the lower right-hand corner to bring up Loop Properties

  • Tap on a Trigger (colored box) to select it, then choose between:
    • mceclip0.png Loop - Loop the sample continuously.
    • mceclip3.png One shot - Play the sample when you tap on it, tap again to stop.
    • mceclip4.png Gate - Tap and hold on the sample to play it.
    • mceclip5.png Retrigger - Play the sample, tap again, sample plays from start.
  • Directly below, you can choose the start point in the bar when the triggered sample will begin playing (The metronome is helpful here!):
    1. 0 - The sample will play immediately.
    2. 1/16 - The sample will begin at the next 16th note.
    3. 1/8 - The sample will begin at the next 8th note.
    4. 1/4 - The sample will begin at the next quarter note.
    5. 1 - The sample will begin on the 1 of the next bar.
  • Once you've customized the sample to your liking, tap the Tick Icon to go back to the main Looper page.
  • Loop to your heart's content!

Applying effects

With Looper, you have real-time performance effects like Filter, Gater, Stutter, and Tape Stop at your disposal. You can also apply regular effect presets for the whole Looper track like you would with any other Voice/Audio, Guitar, or MIDI Instrument track. 

  1. While the loops are playing, tap on the Looper_Effects.png Looper Effects icon below 
  2. Place your fingers on the Filter and Gater effect pads
  3. Drag your fingers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the pads to adjust the Cutoff and Resonance on the Filter pad, and the Depth and Rate on the Gater pad
  4. Tap and hold on the Time Signatures below the effect pads to Stutter your loop performance
  5. Tap and hold on the mceclip6.png Tape Stop icon to stop your performance and release it to resume playback 

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