How do I delete my account?

Thanks for trying BandLab- we’re sorry to see you go!

It’s important to understand the following prior to deleting your account:

  • All posts, projects and collections will be permanently deleted. If you’d like to keep any content you created, you can download your tracks using this guide.
  • All bands and communities that you own will be permanently deleted. Be sure to transfer ownership to a bandmate or community member before leaving!
  • Some account information may still be visible in search engines like Google. Learn More
  • Some information may still be visible to others (e.g. forked projects, mentions and chat messages).
  • This action is not reversible. Once you choose to delete your account, it cannot be recovered by BandLab.


Please follow this link if you wish to permanently delete your account. If you're not logged into BandLab on your web browser, you'll be asked to log in first. 

If you have any questions prior to removing your account, please reach us at


Please note:

Per our updated Terms of Use, if you wish to update your Information, wish to request information from us on what Information of yours we have and how we have used and shared your Information during the last one year before the date of your request, wish to restrict or withdraw your consent to our processing of your Information, wish us to delete your Information, or have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact us via email at Your request will be handled with GDPR compliance.

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