Getting started on BandLab

You’re now a BandLab user and you can’t wait till you get started. Neither can we! Here are some simple steps to get you going:


To record using BandLab on the web, make sure you are logged into your account or sign-up at

  1. Click the Red Create button at the top right of the screen
  2. You will be prompted to the Let's Make Music screen where you will choose what kind of track you want to start with:
    • Import Audio/MIDI - Import a track from your computer
    • Voice/Mic - Record via microphone or a connected audio interface
    • Guitar or Bass - Plug in a guitar or bass to use BandLab as an amp - this will require some sort of audio interface or special cable
    • Instruments - Use your computer keyboard to play virtual instruments, or you can connect a MIDI controller too
    • Additionally, you can choose to Fork another user's track from the Need inspiration? list. This allows you to build on the work, add to it, change it and ultimately, if you like, republish your version of the track.
  3. To start off with vocals, choose Voice/Mic and you can record using the built-in mic on your computer
  4. You'll see input settings, including a volume meter. Hit the Red Record Button at the top of the screen. Speak or sing or snap to test the input.
  5. Click the Red Record Button again to stop recording
  6. You can import drum loops or saved files on your computer right into the Mix Editor, simply dragging and dropping the file onto a track
  7. To save, click the Save button at the top right of the screen. You’ll be prompted to name your song, and whether or not you want to publish the song and if you want to allow Forks to open up opportunities for collaborations.
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