How do I edit a region?

In addition to creating and recording audio and MIDI tracks, each recorded region can be edited using the Region Menu. Whether you're looking to loop, slice, or fade a region, you can use the icons below to perform the task.

Icons Legend:


How they work:

delete.pngDelete the selected region

paste.pngCopy the selected region

copy.pngPaste a region of audio or MIDI at the center marker

slice.pngSlice a region of audio or MIDI at the center marker

loop.pngLoop the selected region

add_loop.pngAdd a Loop from our free loop library to the selected track

edit.pngEdit a MIDI region, using the MIDI Editor

velocity.pngChange the Velocity of a MIDI region

select_all.pngSelect All MIDI content

shift.pngShift regions to compensate for latency

fade.pngFade In/Out of a region

3dots.pngMore Options, such as downloading the content of that region

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