Can I add Video Mix to a Forkable Project?

Yes! Video Mix allows you to tap into a publicly Forkable project that's available on BandLab iOS and Android to create a Video performance for it.

Here's how you can get Video Mix with a Forkable track.

      1. Open BandLab, tap on the Compass Icon located on the bottom of the screen to view the Explore Page
      2. Under Channels, select the genre that you are most excited about
      3. Tap on Inspiring which consists mostly of Forkable tracks
      4. Scroll down to listen/audition different tracks that you can perform a Video with.
      5. Once you've made up your mind, tap on Fork 
      6. Under Open in, select Video Mix
      7. Your camera should now be engaged, tap on the Red Record Button to wait for the count down and start recording your video performance of this track!
      8. Tap on the Monitoring button located on the right of the Red Record Button button to hear back your performance while recording (Highly advisable if you're using headphones)
      9. Tap on the Red Record Button button again to stop the recording and to review the performance.
      10. You can add effects to your voice by tapping on the FX icon located on the left of the Red Record Button button.
      11. If you are satisfied with your take, you can click on Publish to publish your Video Mix track or you can choose to save it by tapping on the Download icon located to the left of the Red Record Button


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