Getting Started with Video Mix (Mobile Only)

Available on BandLab Android and iOS, Video Mix lets you create a new video or choose an available Forkable BandLab track to sing or perform over with. 

Here's how you can start recording using the Video Mix feature.

      1. On your Following feed, tap the Video Mix Icon on the right of your status bar.

      2. Allow BandLab access to your camera and microphone.
      3. Once you can view your camera, tap on Pick a Track at the top of the screen.
      4. Select one of the beats or songs available for you to record over with, and tap on Select to confirm your selection.
      5. Tap on the Monitoring.pngMonitoring Icon to listen back to yourself while recording (Only available if you're using headphones).
      6. Features such as Flash and Flip Camera options are available for you to get the best out of your video mix performance!
      7. Hit the Red Record Button to start the countdown and record your video performance (Minimum duration of 3 seconds).
      8. Tap the Red Record Button again to stop the recording and review the performance.
      9. Alter your track further! Add effects to your voice by tapping on the Fx Icon or adjust the volume by tapping the Gain.pngSpeaker Icon
      10. Save your project by tapping on the Download.pngDownload Icon (Only available before publishing).
      11. Once you are satisfied with your take, you can click on the Tick to publish your Video Mix track to your Feed.


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