Protecting my Content on BandLab

It is important to understand that when you upload to or create Content on the BandLab platform, you grant BandLab, and other Users a licence to copy, download, modify, synchronise, play, perform and even potentially commercialise that Content, depending on your Content sharing settings. Without such a licence, BandLab wouldn’t have the right to host your Content on our servers or display it back to you.  That’s why it’s so important that you own the copyright to the Content which you upload to the platform, or have the permission from the person who owns the copyright to that Content.

CONTENT SHARING: You may use BandLab’s settings to control who can access your Content, and the extent of access to and use which they can make of your Content.

  • Private – All Content is set to “Private” by default, meaning that only you can access it, make adaptations of it and use it.
  • Public – This setting allows other Users to view your Content or play it on BandLab by streaming, but they will not be able to download, adapt, synchronise or use that Content.
  • Forkable – If you have Content that it is ready to be published and would like other Users to be able to take it further by remixing, modifying or otherwise developing it themselves, you can change the setting on that Content to allow forks or be “forkable”. Other Users will then be able to copy, download, modify, play, perform, synchronise, and even commercialise that Content or their adaptations of that Content. You can make either a single or series of revisions in a song “forkable”.
  • Revision History - You can trace your creative process in the Revision History in both your Bands and your personal account. The Revision History allows you to view and access previous versions of Content, and to track how that Content has been used and developed by yourself, your Bands, or other Users with whom the Content has been shared.

BandLab was built specifically for musicians and creators to collaborate with each other. The tools available on BandLab allow you to form bands, work with sessions musicians, or build upon another User’s creation by “forking”.

BAND: The following section provides some basic guidance about the rights which Users give one another within a Band:

  • A Band on BandLab is just the same as a Band in real life — minus the difficulty of transferring files, converting formats or booking studio time.

As in real life, Band Members on BandLab share work material and make decisions collectively.  This has some important implications on copyright ownership of Content jointly created by Band Members.

  1. Agreement between Band Members – It is a good idea for Band Members to have a clear, explicit and written understanding among themselves regarding ownership and other rights in Band Content, so that every Band Member knows what will happen if the Band breaks up, adds or loses Members, or wishes to license or commercialise its Content. It is recommended that you seek legal advice particularly if you think there is a possibility of you or your Band making commercial use of Band Content.
  2. Band Content – When you upload or create Content in a Band, you allow existing and future Band Members to copy, download, modify, play, perform and even potentially commercialise that Content. You should make sure you are comfortable with sharing your Content with Band Members in this way before you start to upload or create Content in a Band.
  3. Public / Private Band Content – All Band Content is set to “Private” by default, meaning that only existing Band Members can access it. If your Band has Content that it is ready to be published, any Band Member can change the setting on that Content to be “Public”.
  4. Forking Band Content – Any Band Member can change the setting on that Content to allow forks or be “forkable”. It is the Band’s responsibility to come to a clear agreement before making any Content “forkable”.
  5. Leaving the Band – If you are a Member of a Band and you leave the Band, Content which you have moved to or created in the Band remains available in the Band for use by the remaining and future Band Members. You cannot delete Band Content which has been uploaded to, created in, or posted to the Band even if it incorporates or is a modification of Content originally posted by you.
  6. Breaking Up a Band  Only the person designated as the Band Owner can break up or delete a Band. Once a Band is deleted, the band will cease to exist and all of the Band Content will be removed from BandLab. If you want to ensure your unrestricted access to Band Content, you will need to export and save Band Content to your own local device. This can be done regularly to be sure that you maintain an up-to-date version of Band Content.

You can read more about our Copyright policies here.

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