How do I unlist a revision?

It's important for every musician to acquire pre-release feedback, and sometimes you might want to publish a revision or embed it elsewhere, but not share it with your followers just yet. You can do that with the "Unlist Revision" feature. Here's how it works!

Unlisted revisions will not appear in public feeds such as the Home feed, on Profile pages or through the Search bar, nor will they be visible on your followers' feeds. However, unlisted posts are available via a direct link so you can still get plays, likes, comments and share your revision outside of BandLab.

You can unlist a revision during publishing or by updating the setting for an existing revision

Web Mobile

During Publishing

  1. Once you are done editing your revision, click Publish at the top right corner
  2. In the Publish New Project module, select Advanced Settings
  3. Set Availability to Unlisted
  4. Hit Publish

Updating Settings

  1. On your Home Feed, choose the revision you want to unlist
  2. Select the Triple Dot Icon on the revision
  3. Select Update Revision
  4. In the Update Revision module, select Advanced Settings
  5. Set Availability to Unlisted




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