What is SongStarter?

SongStarter is an AI-powered idea generator that offers a diverse selection of pre-made, customizable song ideas spanning various genres. This feature allows you to effortlessly explore new styles and experiment with different sounds. Take advantage of this tool to overcome any creative hurdles or writer's block you may be experiencing!

Here’s how you can access and use SongStarter:

Web Mobile
  1. From the BandLab home page, click on grid.circle.2x2.pngMore Products in the top left corner, then select product.songstarter.pngSongStarter.

  2. You have two options: pick a genre or type in your lyrics (up to 50 characters, including emojis). When you’re ready, click on dice.pngGet Started. Sit back while the AI generates some ideas for you!

  3. Browse through the three musical ideas presented to you by clicking the numbered buttons.
    1. The appearance.pngNight, Day, and Dusk Icons on the bottom left allow you to shuffle between three different moods per idea.
    2. Select the dice.pngDice Icon on the bottom right for another roll if you’re not feeling the current idea.

  4. Once you’ve found an idea you love, click Save for Later or Open in Studio. Your new SongStarter project will open in the Studio with all the instruments!



While you won’t own the copyright to the track, you can use it without incurring any fees or royalties to the original creator.

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