What is Splitter?

Splitter is a revolutionary tool that allows you to separate vocals, bass, drums, guitar, piano, and other instruments into separate tracks. This means you can now listen to each individual element of a song without any interference from the other instruments. This also enables musicians and producers to easily remix and manipulate tracks to create their own unique versions!

Here's how you can access and use Splitter:

Web Mobile
  1. From the BandLab home page, click on grid.circle.2x2.png More Products in the top left corner, and select the product.splitter.png Splitter.
  2. Drag and drop to Import a Song, or open the file picker and select an audio file you'd like to import
  3. Allow some time for the audio file to be analyzed and split up into different tracks
  4. Once your audio file has been analyzed, you can:
    • Listen to the tracks, and tap on S to Solo or M to Mute either the Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, or Others
    • Click the sounds.loops.png Loop icon, then set the Left and Right indicators to play the tracks in a loop
    • Select Open in Studio to import the tracks into BandLab's Studio
    • Select Download all stems to compile the different tracks into a zip file on your computer
    • To view the previous songs you've split, click on the time.history.png Time Rewind icon
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