Coping with Self-Harm

The safety and well-being of the BandLab community is our number one priority. We ask our staff as well as members of the BandLab community to look out for each other, and welcome you to reach our team with any concerns. If we see something, we’ll reach out directly to the user. If you see something, please let us know. 


If you’re having thoughts about self-harm:

  • Know that there are resources available to you. International causes such as Befrienders Worldwide would be a great place to start, while there are many resources locally as well.
  • Talk to someone you trust. A family member or friend that you can be open and honest with will want to help.
  • Take a break. Whether that means taking time off from socials, taking a personal day from work or school, or just getting a good night of rest, you may already know what can help you feel better.
  • Know that we’re here for you. Helping people express themselves is what we do. We’re available to talk, provide encouragement, and help you when you need it.

If you see posts, messages, or acts of self-harm on BandLab:

  • Reach our Community team with details (a link to the account or screenshot that includes messaging and user details are most helpful!)
  • Be supportive. Words of encouragement are great. We all want to feel good!
  • Use best judgement. It’s important to be aware and take action, but also take the time to understand the situation the best you can. If you recognize any signs, you may want to reach out directly. Our team is here to help if you’re unsure, don’t know the person, or would rather not be a direct contact. 


Additional Resources

United States 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


United Kingdom


PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide HOPELINEUK



Tokyo Suicide Prevention Center(東京自殺防止センター)



新加坡援人協會 (Samaritans of Singapore)

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