How do I use AudioStretch?

AudioStretch is the world’s first audio and video transcription tool that allows you to slow-down, loop or auto-transpose the notes for any piece of music. Once a standalone app, Audiostretch can now be found in BandLab's "Tools" section. Integrating it into BandLab allows us to better maintain the app and bring exciting new features to it in the future!

Where to find AudioStretch
  1. Open your BandLab app
  2. Tap the Create.png Create button at the bottom of your screen
  3. Tap   AudioStretch to enjoy the full features of AudioStretch within BandLab's "Tools" section

Accessing AudioStretch from your home screen

If you wish to access AudioStretch directly from your home screen without having to open BandLab, long press on the BandLab icon, and a list of tools will appear. If you've used AudioStretch before, it will appear on the list of tools. Select AudioStretch. This is applicable for both iOS and Android users.

For Android users, you can add the AudioStretch Tool directly to your home page. Long press the BandLab icon, a list of tools will appear, long press "AudioStretch" and drag it to your desired position on your home screen.

Transport Controls, Loops, and Markers
  • Tap Play/Pause to start/stop playback.
  • Tap Back to jump to previous mark.
  • Press-hold Back to fast-rewind.
  • Tap Forward to jump to next mark.
  • Press-hold Forward to fast-forward.

  • Tap Mark (pin icon) button to add/remove a marker. Press-hold Mark to remove all markers.
  • Tap A to set loop start.
  • Double-tap A to shift entire loop.
  • Press-hold A to move loop start to start of song. Tap B to set loop end.
  • Double-tap B to shift entire loop.
  • Press-hold B to move loop end to end of song. Tap Loop (The A/B icon) to enable/disable looping.
  • Press-hold Loop to disable loop and reset A/B to start/end. Double-tap Loop to set A/B to nearest markers.

Pitch and Speed Controls

Pitch Controls

  • Tap (“flat”) to lower pitch one semitone.
  • Tap (“sharp”) to raise pitch one semitone.
  • Press-hold / to auto-repeat.
  • Drag value left/right for fine pitch adjustments.
  • Double-tap to toggle between the adjusted and original pitch
  • Press-hold to reset to the original pitch

Speed Controls

  • Tap - to decrease speed 5%.
  • Tap + to increase speed 5%.
  • Press-hold + / - to auto-repeat.
  • Drag value left/right for fine speed adjustments.
  • Double-tap to toggle to zero-speed.
  • Press-hold to reset to normal speed.

To have your track play at normal speed, set the parameters back to 1.00x

How to Import and Export Tracks to AudioStretch

Importing Tracks

To import a song, tap the three dots at the top-left of the screen.

You can import audio or video files from your devices file or music manager, or from iCloud Drive and other cloud storage services if you have the corresponding apps installed.

Songs must be physically present on the device to appear in the Music Library.

Exporting Tracks

Tap the Upwards Arrow button to save a version of the song with pitch and speed modifications applied to your device. Once it’s saved, you can send it by email or save it to cloud storage.

Set A and/or B to export an excerpt of the song. Tap the Studio icon to export a version of the song with pitch and speed modifications applied to the BandLab Studio.

To open the track in the BandLab Studio, ensure that the track does not exceed the pitch and speed ranges of the BandLab studio, and that the track does not exceed 30 minutes in length after editing in AudioStretch.

What Audio and Video formats does AudioStretch support?
AudioStretch supports wav, aiff, mp3, and m4a files. wma (Windows Media Audio) files are not supported by AudioStretch.

For video files, AudioStretch supports all widely used video formats.
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