My Earnings FAQ

What are My Earnings?

When your tracks are successfully submitted to DSPs, you earn royalties each time your tracks are played. What you see as your Earnings on BandLab is the collective amount of royalties owed to you, from streams on all the various DSPs your tracks are on. The Earnings dashboard displays the current balance yet to be paid to you, along with past successful payouts.

How do I claim my Earnings?
All you need to do is link a Payout Method for your BandLab account. You'll find more information about getting paid on BandLab here
Why does the color of my Earnings Balance change every now and then?
The different colors represent the payout status of your current balance:

Earnings colors.png
When do I get paid?
Royalties are paid out within the 2nd half of every month and delayed by 3 months, e.g., January earnings are paid in April, February earnings are paid in May, and March earnings are paid in June. This is because we receive earning statements from our distribution partners after a month is complete, and there are other accounting-related processes we need to adhere to before we can complete the payout process.

In the event of any issues with payouts, your balance will be moved to the following month's processing batch.

There may be a maximum payout limit in certain countries. Your earnings will be divided and sent in multiple payments if this limit is reached.
My tracks are played on various DSPs. Why do My Earnings still show $0.00?
It's either because we haven't received the monthly report from the DSPs, or your tracks haven't garnered enough royalties. Your balance will be displayed once we've received and totaled the royalties earned across all DSPs. 
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