Why can't I log in to BandLab?

Facing login issues while trying to access your BandLab account can be frustrating, especially when you're bursting with creative ideas. To help you get back on track swiftly, follow these simple steps tailored to your specific login problem:

Network Issue
  1. Check Your Connection: Ensure a stable internet connection by testing other websites or apps.
  2. Reset Router/Modem: If your connection is shaky, try resetting your router or modem.
  3. Change Device and Networks: Attempt login from another device (different phone or computer) to rule out device-specific issues. Switching your networks from Wi-Fi to Mobile Hotspots or vice versa will help check for network issues.
  4. Disable VPN/Extensions: Turn off any interfering VPN or extensions during the login process.
Server Status

We occasionally conduct server updates to enhance platform stability. During these times, consider taking a well-deserved break! Stay updated by following our Status Page, Community Team account or joining our Discord for real-time announcements.

Reset Password/Log-in Method
  1. Use Social Accounts: Try logging in using your linked social accounts like Google, Apple, or Facebook.
  2. Reset Password: Request a password reset on this page and follow the emailed instructions.
  3. Check Spam Folder: Don't forget to check your spam or junk folder for password reset emails.
  4. Permissions Check: Verify BandLab's permissions for your Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts in their respective settings.

If you're still unable to log in, reach out to our Support Team through the contact form for further assistance.

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