How do I share my music to TikTok?

There are currently 3 different ways to share from BandLab to TikTok. We're working on an even easier approach, but we think these are pretty simple too!

Download as Video  

This method consists of two main steps; downloading your project as a video, then uploading to TikTok. Use this if you want to share the same file in other places, too!

  1. Open BandLab and tap the Library icon
  2. Tap the project you want to download 
  3. Tap the Curved Arrow and choose Download, then select Download as Video
  4. Find the video on your device, then choose Share to TikTok
Share a Video Mix

If you have a Video Mix posted to BandLab, you can share that post directly to TikTok!

  1. If you haven't done it already, make your own Video Mix!
  2. Once it's posted, tap the Curved Arrow, then tap TikTok
Screen Recording

If you want to show off your tracks and effects, screen record playback of your track with the Studio open!

Check out some examples here! 

  1. Open your project in the Studio
  2. Use your phone's screen record function, then press Play in the Studio
  3. After you're finished, edit and share it on TikTok
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