Tip Jar & Albums: Transaction Fees

BandLab offers two unique options for sending and receiving money:

Tip Jar gives listeners the ability to provide monetary support directly on a creator's BandLab profile.

Albums are a collection of projects or uploaded tracks in BandLab that can be purchased for a flat fee or “pay what you want”.

Transactions for Tip Jar and Albums are handled via Stripe which charges a small transaction fee that is deducted from the payment amount. As such, there is no additional cost at any point within the transaction. BandLab does not charge a fee to either party for transactions; artists will receive the full payment minus the Stripe fee.

Stripe (European Cards) Stripe (Non-Euro Cards)
1.4% + 20p per transaction  2.9% + 20p per transaction*

* If currency conversion is required, an additional 1% fee will apply

Example with $5 USD (20p GBX converted to $0.23 USD)

Stripe (European Cards) Stripe (Non-Euro Cards)
$5 - 1.4% = $4.93 $5 - 2.9% = $4.85
$4.93 - $0.23 = $4.70 $4.85 - $0.23 = $4.62


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