How to: Edit using the Region Menu

In addition to creating and recording audio and MIDI tracks, each recorded region can be edited using the Region Menu. Whether you're looking to loop, slice, or fade a region, you can use the icons below to perform the task.

Icons Legend:


How they work:

delete.pngDelete the selected region

paste.pngCopy the selected region

copy.pngPaste a region of audio or MIDI at the center marker

slice.pngSlice a region of audio or MIDI at the center marker

loop.pngLoop the selected region

add_loop.pngAdd a Loop from our free loop library to the selected track

edit.pngEdit a MIDI region, using the MIDI Editor

velocity.pngChange the Velocity of a MIDI region

select_all.pngSelect All MIDI content

shift.pngShift regions to compensate for latency

fade.pngFade In/Out of a region

3dots.pngMore Options, such as downloading the content of that region

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