How do I start a Live Session?

Please note

21/09/20 - We've just updated this feature to reflect a much more accurate version of real-time collaboration! We no longer have an Edit or View mode - the feature now works in real-time just as you expect it to. We are working on improving this in future updates. 

Live Session is now available on BandLab Web! This means you can work on a project together with your friends across the world in real-time! Here's how to get started:

How to invite collaborators and start a Live Session

  1. Start a new project on the Mix Editor or open any project from your Library
  2. Click on Invite Icon at the top right of the Mix Editor

    1. If you haven't already, invite your Collaborators by typing in their username or email


    2. Click Send when you are done
  3. Once you've invited your Collaborators, click on Start Session and your Collaborators will be able to Join the Session once they've accepted your invite

How to Join a Live Session (as a Collaborator)

  1. Click the Notification Bell Icon followed by the See pending invites Icon and Accept the project invite

  2. After accepting the invite, click Go to Project
  3. Click Open in Mix Editor 
  4. If a Collaborator is currently in the Session, click Join 


  5. You will now be collaborating in real-time! 

    This is in real-time so make sure you are saving regularly so that you aren't overwriting any of your collaborators' work.
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