Streaming Rules of Conduct

BandLab Live follows the same general rules that can be found in the links below:

Terms of Use

Community Guidelines

In an effort to more clearly define these guidelines for streaming, please review the following:


BandLab maintains the right to discontinue a stream for any reason, but will use fair judgement to remove offending content in violation of our Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, and Streaming Rules. 

Violations of these rules may result in stream removal, account suspension, and/or account deletion based on the severity or number of violations in question. Action in response to a violation is at the sole discretion of BandLab staff.

For any details not covered in this article or linked articles, please reach our staff at for additional assistance.


  • Streams on BandLab currently have a 4 hour time limit. You may need to tailor your show accordingly!
  • Be active: If there is no music playing or no signs of activity, the stream will be removed
  • Be yourself: Impersonation, acting as, or streaming someone else's content will result in stream removal and a strike against your account
  • Stream with sense: BandLab has millions of users of varying backgrounds. Being respectful toward the community will garner more viewers and help grow your audience!

Content You Can Stream

  • You can stream original content (music/video) that you own the copyright for
  • You can use copyrighted music that you have licensed


Streaming on BandLab Live should have a focus on music! We do not allow:

  • Broadcasting of copyrighted materials such as sporting events, film, tv, or other works
  • Gaming as primary content
  • Nudity or other sexually explicit content
  • Harassment or bullying 
  • Hate speech, threats, or terrorism
  • Extreme violence or other graphic content (including physical abuse, self harm, etc)
  • Promotion of illegal activity
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