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Want to make BandLab truly accessible to everyone? Now you can! Help us translate words and phrases into the language you speak - all in your free time. 

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  1. Choose a language that you're comfortable translating to:

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  3.  Translate at your own pace

    OneSky has its own tutorial for translators that you can check out here too.


  • Use words that are clear, concise and engaging
  • Avoid machine translations (e.g. Google Translate), as they're not as accurate
  • Refresh your page occasionally to see if anyone has translated a phrase ahead of you
  • Follow the rules (e.g. punctuation, sentence structure) of the language you’re translating into
  • Words in tags should be translated within them. Don’t forget to place these tags in the correct part of your sentence
Example: Click on <strong>Settings</strong>
Turkish: <strong>Ayarlar</strong> üzerine gelip tıklayın
  • Pay attention to title case, which is not commonly used in some languages
  • Drop us a note if you need help — we’re always here
  • Don’t forget to hit submit when you’re done

If you would like to request for our Help Center to be translated into another language, you can do so over here!

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