What is Crowd Review?

Unlike regular comments you get when sharing your music on BandLab, Crowd Review is a joint initiative between BandLab and ReverbNation that allows you to get official feedback and comments on your music from our review panel! 

The panel is made up of real, experienced, music enthusiasts that'll provide their unbiased opinions, which we will then organize into a detailed report covering different aspects of your song. If you're really good, you'll even get the chance to be featured and highlighted on BandLab!

Who is ReverbNation?

ReverbNation; a subsidiary of BandLab, offers all kinds of tools for musicians to promote, connect with fans, distribute, and sell their music! We will be providing more features on BandLab via ReverbNation very soon.  

Why do I need a ReverbNation account to use Crowd Review?
For now, you will be directed to ReverbNation as Crowd Review is not hosted on BandLab. As the ReverbNation acquisition was fairly recent, you will need a ReverbNation account to seamlessly transition between BandLab and ReverbNation until we fully integrate everything. 
I can't submit my song for Crowd Review!
Your song needs to be longer than 90 seconds and must not be a collaboration, band, or forked project in order to submit it for Crowd Review. 
I need help!
For more questions regarding Crowd Review, find out more here!



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