How do I use Subscriptions?

Subscriptions allow Artists to provide exclusive content in exchange for a monthly fee. Subscribers get to support their favorite artists while getting access to these monthly exclusives!

Getting Started

As an Artist As a Subscriber
  1. Visit on a laptop or desktop
  2. After signing in, click your profile icon then scroll down to access Settings
  3. In the menu to the left, choose Payments
  4. Under Payout Method, choose Connect Stripe. If your Stripe account is set up, you will see the email address connected to the account in this area. You'll need a Stripe account to accept payment!
  5. Find Subscriptions, then use the toggle switch to enable this feature in your account.

Setting up your Subscription

As an Artist As a Subscriber
  1. Use the Getting Started guide for Artists above to enable the Subscriptions feature for your account
  2. With Subscriptions enabled, set a monthly price for your exclusive content. This can be as low as $1, which may help you gain the maximum number of subscribers!
  3. Go to your profile or home feed and click What's New to start a new post
  4. Toggle the post option to Exclusive, and your post will only reach your subscribers
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