Subscriptions Guidelines and Information

Subscriptions are a service within BandLab to help Artists connect with their fans by providing exclusive content for a monthly fee.

Terms of Use:

Subscriptions follow the same basic terms as other features in BandLab, including: 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I start my Subscription?

We have a step-by-step guide to setting up your Subscription here.

How do I subscribe to someone on BandLab?

Simple! If you see the Subscribe icon on a creators' page, just click it and follow the prompts that appear. Don't forget, you'll need a card in the Payments section of your BandLab account!

How do I get paid?

Payment processing is handled by Stripe, and distributed directly to the Artist at the end of each month. BandLab does not see those figures, but you can keep track of them in your Stripe Dashboard.

What happens when I cancel a subscription?

Your subscription will end at the time of cancellation. Keep in mind that payments are processed on the first day of the month, but access to your subscription will end immediately. 

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there is not a system in place to refund your monthly pledge. To maximize your payment, it may be helpful to cancel toward the end of the month.

What type of content can I include in my Subscription?

You can include subscriber-exclusive images, videos, requests, and written posts. Be sure to have great content available to anyone to help get potential subscribers excited for exclusives!

Do I need a US bank account to use this service?

No! Stripe accepts funds from 44 different countries worldwide. If your country is not available yet, you can send a request to Stripe here.

Quick Points

  • Subscriptions can currently support images, videos, and written posts. If you'd like to add music, just link to your track within a written post!
  • Any BandLab user with a card on file in Payments can become a Subscriber, while this feature is currently in Early Access for Artists
  • Payment processing is handled by Stripe. While the Subscription service is offered for free by BandLab, you will see a small fee from Stripe for processing.
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