Why can't I follow any more users?

We’ve recently made some changes to the basic functionality of BandLab, and we want to make sure you’re in the loop about these changes. BandLab has introduced a limit to how many users an account can follow in an effort to help you grow your fanbase organically!

What does this mean?

All accounts can now follow a maximum of 5,000 users.

Why have a limitation when the goal is to gain a following?

We support each creator’s journey, and want to do so in a truly engaging environment so you can have the biggest impact on your audience.

Follow for follow culture doesn’t allow for creators and listeners to truly interact with each other. Simply following 100 accounts (or 1,000… or 10,000!) in hopes that some may follow back doesn’t let the listener know who you are, what you do, or most importantly, why they should follow you back.

Bots are not cool. We’ve noticed a trend across all socials of using bots to gain followers. Similar to follow for follow, this automated process does even less to show you care about your audience, and also bogs down app performance.

Spam is bad. For everyone. If you promote your music to someone who you haven’t connected with, and send them music that’s not of interest, they may view that as spam. Spam gets reported, we have to take action… you know the drill. Same goes for dropping a link or generic messages in multiple comment threads. Imagine someone complimenting you with “wow, that track is so dope!”, but then seeing the same exact comment to different users all over your feed? We all want our music to be heard, but spamming is not the answer.

So how do I gain a following?

We know we just had the talk about spam, but don’t be afraid to message a user if you genuinely think they’ll like your music. If you’ve listened to their music already, you can say “I really liked (name of track) and think we’re on the same wavelength. Check out this track on my page- I’d appreciate any feedback”. This lets the user know you’ve listened to one of their songs, and that you may be making music of a similar style or genre.

Participate in BandLab’s contests! Our blog always has the details for past and present contests. If you want to reach an audience and maybe even win a prize, enter our contests each month!

If you’re making great music, it will get heard! The BandLab community craves new music, and we help promote it in our curated playlists as well.

Is there a limit on how many followers I can have?
Nope! Just like on any other social media platform, you could have a million or more followers and we wouldn’t want to restrict that. We just want to eliminate the issues plaguing other platforms while giving you a true idea of your audience.
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