Recommended Settings for Streaming on BandLab Live

Live streaming can be easy, but there are a lot of variables that can make your streams better… or worse! You can optimize your BandLab Live stream by locating the Settings menu at the right side of OBS.

The Basics:

Outside of basic configuration of audio and video settings, the most important part of setting up to stream is the Output category. Streaming output relies on two categories: Video Bitrate, and Audio Bitrate.

Audio Bitrate in OBS varies from 64 up to 320kbps. Choosing the highest available Audio Bitrate will give your viewers the best listening experience, and since we’re all about making music, we recommend going for 320!

Video Bitrate includes a much larger range of options. Higher bitrate can lead to better quality, but also result in increased CPU usage on your streaming computer. If you notice a jumpy picture, stuttering or lag, try lowering the resolution or video bitrate. Here’s a helpful guide:



Video Bitrate



800 - 1200 kbps


960x540 / 854x480

1200 - 1500 kbps

HD 720


1,500 - 4,000 kbps

HD 1080


4,000-8,000 kbps

To provide a seamless experience for your viewers, try keeping a maximum bitrate of 6,000 kbps. If your stream isn’t full of action, using a setting around 1500 kbps will still give a great HD broadcast.

Pro tip: As a rule of thumb, you always want to be broadcasting a video bitrate and audio bitrate 20% lower than your upload speed. This typically won’t affect your ability to use the maximum audio bitrate, but will be a good gauge for video bitrate!

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