Getting Started with Live Streaming


Currently available only on BandLab Web!

Here's how you can kick start your Livestream

  1. On your BandLab home page, click on the Video Camera Icon on your status bar.
  2. Under Start Livestream, under Description, type in your message to notify your followers that what you're stream is about and that you're going to go LIVE!
  3. Click on Start
  4. You will then directed to the page where you'll receive a dedicated Stream URL and Stream Key to be used with a broadcaster such as OBS.


Setting up OBS

  1. While you wait for BandLab to create the server URL and key for your stream, please download and open OBS here
  2. In OBS - Click on the + Icon under the Source tab to add your input source


    • Video:
      • Select the Video Capture Device and click on OK
      • Under Properties for Video Capture Device, select your computer's web camera or a connected external camera under Devices
      • Choose the appropriate video resolution via Preset and click OK
      • Now you should be able to see your camera's content on OBS!
    • Audio:
      • Click on the + Icon under the Source tab and select Audio Input Capture
      • Under Properties for Audio Capture Device, select your computer's internal microphone or a connected external microphone under Devices and click OK
  3. Test your camera and microphone to see if they are in sync and working properly

Connecting Your Stream

  1. Click on Settings on the bottom right of OBS and select Stream on the top left corner of the Settings window
  2. Under Stream Type, select Custom Streaming Server
  3. Copy the Stream URL and Stream Key from the Let's Begin module in BandLab
  4. Paste them into the URL and Stream Key section on Custom Streaming Server on OBS and hit OK
  5. Click on Start Streaming


Wait for your live stream to showcase your content that you're streaming from OBS.

Once you're live, you should be able to see your video and audio showcased on the BandLab streaming link! You followers will now be able to view your stream.

Screen on BandLab


Screen in OBS


Congratulations! You're now live and streaming! Click on the Right Curvy Arrow icon on the right of the stream to get a sharable link to your stream. Post it on BandLab and other social media websites to spread the word about it!

Use the chat space to send messages to your viewers and ask them to interact with you! (Viewers must have an active BandLab account in order to participate in your live stream chat)


To End Your Stream

  • BandLab:
    Image 2020-05-22 at 1.27.14 PM
    • Click on the Gear Icon in the stream to open stream settings and click on Cancel Live Stream when you wish to stop streaming

  • OBS:
    • At the Control tab on the bottom right, click on Stop Streaming


Live streams that have ended, will not be archived or stored on your BandLab profile to review. Please ensure that you pull off the best performance/content possible when you go on air!

 How long can I stream for?

A live stream on BandLab currently lasts for 4 hours, we're looking into increasing the number of hours one can stream in the future.

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