How can I edit MIDI tracks?

MIDI Editor is now available on BandLab Web, Android, and iOS! Here's how to use it:

Web Mobile

When you've finished recording your MIDI track on BandLab Web, open up the editor by clicking on the MIDI Editor button at the bottom left corner of the screen. Here’s how to use the tools:


  • Arrow - Selecting and moving notes
  • Pencil - Drawing and changing the note’s length
  • V Icon - Adjusting note velocity
  • Headphones - Activate the Headphones icon to preview the notes while editing
  • Legato - Use Legato when you want to tie the notes together, making them smoothly connected
  • Humanize - Use Humanize to make the notes less precise, giving them a "human" touch that is heard while playing an instrument
  • Adjust the pitch of the notes by moving them +/- 1 step at a time or +/- 12 steps at a time
  • Quantization - Adjust your notes to the closest time grid according to the Quantization value selected 
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