iOS Release Notes

v9.0.0 - 30.09.19

Introducing BandLab 9.0! With this major update, we bring to you exciting Mix Editor features and...a BRAND NEW CHAT!

Custom FX Presets

Ever wanted to customise a preset or create one that’s uniquely yours? Guess what, now you can!

Add, remove, arrange and adjust any of the effects inside a preset to take your track to the next level. If you prefer to put together a brand new preset, go ahead and choose from over 40 effects — including reverbs, equalisers, and compressors — at your disposal.

To tweak your favourite preset, just hit the FX button on any track, scroll to the preset of your choice and tap the Edit icon. To create a new preset from scratch, simply scroll to “None” instead and start from there.


When you work on a 1M beat that contains layers upon layers of audio and MIDI, it's important to stay focused and minimise any distractions. That's where Cycle comes in handy! Make use of the cycle area to repeatedly play a particular segment of your project. To learn more, read the Cycle article in our help centre.

Instruments Browser

We've updated the Instruments Browser, making it easier to find the exact sounds you want. We believe that the all-new smart filters and curated collections will spark a whole lot of inspiration for your next big hit. 

Note: These features will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks. Keep a lookout for them! 

v8.17.0 - 25.09.19

This build is a prelude to a major update! We're excited to announce the rollout of our NEW chat feature over the coming weeks. Find out more in this blog post:

v8.15.3 - 12.09.19

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Crash when user accidentally pressed the login button twice

v8.15.1 - 09.08.19

TL;DR: We eliminated a bunch of bugs and enhanced BandLab’s overall stability and user experience.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Stability improvements in the Mix Editor

  • UX improvements involving the playing and pausing of tracks in the player

  • Fixed: A bug that crashed the app while it was running in the background or minimised

  • Fixed: Rare crash that occurred after saving a revision

  • Fixed: Several bugs that caused unexpected behaviour when opening the app via web links

v8.14.0 - 14.08.19

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Video Mix bug fixes and stability improvements in the Video Mix, including a fix for a rare bug causing a permanent loader after stopping the recording.

  • Various bug fixes in the Global Player, including a bug fix - when the player doesn’t appear on the screen after starting playback.

  • Various improvements in the Mix Editor and Tuner, including better mute and solo logic and UI improvements in Tuner.

  • Fixed: Bug - Follow notifications were repeatedly displayed in the list while scrolling.

v8.13.0 - 29.07.19

TL;DR: We did some housekeeping and squashed a bunch of annoying bugs. 

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • NEW: Clips created in Video Mix now can be shared via Clip Maker.

  • Fixed: Issue with incorrect displaying of categories in the Sound Library.

  • Fixed: A bug that caused a crash when the app is opened via a web link or when receiving an in-app alert.

  • Fixed: Error message when mastering revision during saving.

  • Fixed: Issue in MIDI editor when a group of notes doesn’t snap to the grid.

  • Various fixes related to Shouts including a bug that made Shouts view freeze after creating a post.

  • Improved support of BandLab Link on iPad Pro.

v8.12.0 - 19.07.19

TL;DR: Get ready for Tracklanta!

What’s New

Thanks to our partners at A3C and ChooseATL, you can be recording alongside hip-hop’s most influential producers at Tracklanta.

We’re giving 15 talented creators the opportunity to travel to Atlanta for the 15th A3C Festival & Conference. There, you’ll get to spend time with some of the best producers at some of the most prestigious studios across the city.

Don’t miss your chance — head to the Explore page and enter our #ATLgame contest!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • We made it easier to show the world your amazing Video Mix clips. Once a clip has been published, you’ll be prompted to share it on social media

  • Deleted a project by accident? Don’t worry, you can now restore deleted projects from the app (you could only do it via web app previously). To restore a project, open app settings and select it from the Deleted Projects menu.

  • Various visual improvements in MIDI Editor, including greying out muted tracks

  • Fixed: A bug that made revisions disappear from project Tree View during sync

  • Fixed: App crashes when pressing the record button in Mix Editor after a Video Mix session

v8.11.0 - 26.06.19

TL;DR: Mixer in Video Mix and MIDI Editor improvements.

What’s New

We’ve added Mixer into Video Mix to make it possible to adjust the volume for the backing track or recorded video so that you can get the best sound possible. 

In addition, it’s now easier to open your own revisions in the Video Mix - hit the red “Open” button and you will see the option to open revision in Video Mix or Mix Editor.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • We’ve updated MIDI Editor with small (but important) UI tweaks to make it easier to see octaves and navigate. In addition, we’ve added region indicator to the timeline so that you know which regions you’re working with. 
  • Video Mix stability and UI improvements.
  • Fixed: Annoying bug that caused issues with the playback after launching the app.
  • Fixed: Crash that occurred when editing certain revision settings. 
  • Fixed: Bug that caused issues with mastering when editing preset that been earlier edited in the Web app. 

v8.10.1 - 10.06.19

TL;DR: MIDI Editor gets a bunch of new features. Plus, improvements to Video Mix.

What’s New

We added new features to the MIDI Editor that will vastly improve your music-making experience. For one, you can now edit multiple notes. Just tap on an empty area, drag to select your notes and move or remove them all at once. You can even open the MIDI Editor without having to record a region first. 

This update also includes various Video Mix improvements, including the automatic disabling of monitoring when you publish a recorded video.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Fixed: Bug with cut-off bottom panel after forking track from Need Inspiration list

  • Fixed: Rare crash that occurred when opening Video Mix
  • Fixed: Issue with mixdown processing when applying mastering track right after creating a revision

v8.9.0 - 31.05.19

TL;DR: Creator Connect puts your favourite musicians front and centre.

What’s New

We’ve taken Creator Connect to the next level by showcasing your artist influences directly on your profile. Fellow creators can now see who inspires you, making it easier to find others with shared musical tastes and build more amazing collabs!

Hit up your Creator Connect settings page to add your favourite artists (up to 10). Be sure to visit our blog for more details ;)

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved project Tree View page to include better support for offline mode
  • Improved MIDI Editor to include focusing area with notes when editing existing regions
  • Fixed: Rare crash that occurred when selecting a backing track on Video Mix’s Pick a Track page
  • Fixed: Jumpy behaviour when opening post page from Feed
  • Fixed: A nasty crash that occasionally occurred during mastering tracks
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