Why isn't my post appearing on my feed?

If your recent post is not appearing on your feed, here are a few reasons why this might be happening:

      • Revisions that are processing don't appear in the feed. If your project has been syncing for a long time, please check the article about saving and syncing here.
      • Did you post a picture or a video? Don't worry - image processing may take some time. Your post will be uploaded shortly!
      • Did you add a hashtag/# under your post's/revision's description, but the post did not appear on the hashtag feed? It may take a brief moment for the post to appear as our hashtag feeds are not updated real-time. Check back in a few minutes!
      • Make sure you didn't publish your revision as Unlisted. Here's how to check:
Web Mobile
    1. Click on Library in the top navigation bar.
    2. Choose the song you want to download on your Library page and click on the title of the song.
    3. Click on the Triple Dot Icon beside the Download button.
    4. Choose Revision Settings.
    5. Open Advanced Settings.
    6. Check if your song is Public or Unlisted.
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