How do I get Verified on BandLab?

A verified badge is a tick (badgeVerified.jpg) located next to a BandLab user’s name on their profile. The Verified Badge means that BandLab has confirmed that this account is the authentic BandLab account of the person of interest, public figure, artist or celebrity it represents.

Profiles representing well-known figures are verified due to the high possibility of them being impersonated. We also want to make it easier for BandLab users to find public figures and artists who they want to follow and for everyone to have a truly authentic experience on BandLab.

Although we don't proactively monitor verified accounts for changes, we may un-verify an account if it posts spam or content that doesn't follow our Community Guidelines, or uses its profile picture or bio section to promote other services.

*It's not currently possible to purchase or request a verified badge. If you do not have a verified badge on your BandLab account, there are other ways to let people know that you are who you appear to be. You could, for example, link to your BandLab profile from your official website or other social accounts.

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