Beat Licenses FAQ

We’re excited to introduce BandLab Beats, a boutique marketplace where you can license premium beats from both emerging and established producers. Looking for a high-quality beat to record your vocals on? Need some instrumentals to score your video project? Our marketplace is a one-stop shop for high-quality, compositions that are ready to go.  

The marketplace is designed to make beats content accessible to producers globally and drive discovery of talent through our highly-curated beats library. New beats will be added on a weekly basis, so check back often for the latest content. 

Our beat marketplace allows creators to:

1. Search our curated beat libraries (handpicked by BandLab & industry heavyweights) 

2. Purchase a non-exclusive license that allows legal use of the beat in a new music track.

Want to know more? Check out the full details of the license agreement here, along with a collection of frequently asked questions below.

What is a beat license?

A producer and/or beatmaker is not selling actual beats, but rather selling beat licenses. 

This distinction is important because the producer still maintains ownership of the original beat. The artist who has purchased the license gets some ownership rights over the new song created using the licensed beat.

The license granted to the artist includes certain rights, commonly referred to as "User Rights," which outline how the beat can be used. These User Rights are specified in the beat license agreement, which can be viewed here.

Licenses can be either exclusive or non-exclusive.

What is a non-exclusive license?

We’re currently offering only one license type for beats purchased through our marketplace: a non-exclusive license. 

A Non-Exclusive license enables the producer to lease the same beat to multiple artists while still retaining Exclusive rights to the instrumental. We currently offer one type of non-exclusive license, a fixed 10-year term. Buyers must abide by the license terms for the specified duration.

What are the benefits of a non-exclusive license?

The main benefit to a non-exclusive license is that the producer/beat maker can earn a recurring income from the same beat by reselling to multiple people, sometimes even making more money than if they had sold the beat exclusively.

Just as important, it means artists can get quality beats without the huge upfront cost.

How long can I use my non-exclusive license?

The 10-year non-exclusive license means your license has an expiration date, and is only valid for that set period of time. After the contract period is due, the buyer has to renew the license. In other words, buy a new one. 

I don't want someone else to be able to purchase the beat I want. Can I purchase a different type of license? (e.g. exclusive)

Currently, a non-exclusive license is the only available type of licensing agreement available when you purchase a beat via BandLab Beats. 

However, BandLab recently acquired Airbit, a global platform made for independent music makers to buy, sell and collaborate on beats. If you’re looking for additional, more customizable licensing types we encourage you to explore the beats catalog available on Airbit. 

On Airbit you can purchase an exclusive license for certain beats. This will be a pricier option than a non-exclusive beat. However, an exclusive license will grant you the exclusive right to use that beat for your project, meaning no other artist can use that same beat.

How can I listen to Beats?
Beats are currently only offered in the BandLab mobile apps on Android and iOS. You can find the Beats we offer on the "Create" tab (red plus sign on the bottom navigation bar) just underneath the Tools. To listen to the Beats, simply tap on one of them in the list and the preview will start playing. You can further control the playback by opening the global player that appears at the bottom of your screen.
How do I purchase a license for a beat?

Once you've selected a beat you'd like to license, tap on the price tag next to the beat to start the in app purchase. In the first step we ask you to read up on and confirm that you have understood the licensing agreement. Afterwards, the regular in-app purchase process is started.

After a successful purchase you will receive a confirmation via email, including the invoice from Google Play or Apple App Store and details on the Beat license you purchased.

Where can I find my Beat after I purchased it?

After a successful purchase, the price tag of the beat will turn into a checkmark, showing that the purchase was successful. If you tap on the checkmark, you can open your beat in Studio right away. You can also view the license that you purchased with the beat.

We also send an email containing the link to the original file in the event you want to use it outside of Studio.

Are beat purchases refundable?

No, unfortunately Beat license sales are non-refundable. 

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