What is Tip Jar all about?

What is Tip Jar?

Tip Jar gives you the ability to receive money from fans who value your creative process and want to support you directly.

How do I activate Tip Jar?
Tip Jar is only available on BandLab's Web platform. You can activate Tip Jar in your Profile Settings once you’ve confirmed your email address.
How do I get payments?
BandLab currently supports payouts through PayPal, with more options to be added soon. You can check out more details on sending and receiving payments here.
Do I have to have Tip Jar?
No. Tip Jar is optional. Your profile will not have Tip Jar enabled unless you choose to add it.
How do I handle a payment dispute?
Please reach out to us using our contact form.
Does BandLab take a cut of the money?
BandLab does not take a percentage (a cut) of any money you make via Tip Jar. Our payment provider charges a small fee per transaction, which you can learn about here
Are there any costs associated with Tip Jar?
There are no fees associated with receiving money. A nominal fee applies to money being sent, which is deducted directly from earnings. For example, if you send someone $20, the fee will be reduced from the total received by the recipient, rather than paying $20 plus fees. 
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