What is Tree View?

The Tree View is a visual roadmap that lets you, your band members, or your fans follow your songwriting progress. Tree View lets you watch your ideas grow. Record a beat today, add a vocal track tomorrow, or remove or change a guitar track after — every step leaves a footprint that you can revisit. You can experiment as much as you like, without worrying about losing any versions.


How it works is really simple. When you record something and save it, you create your first Revision. It appears as a little green node - a node with a “globe” tells you that you’ve published that revision. When you decide to add something (or make a change), you create a new Revision. Your previous Revisions will always be there in case you decide to go back to work on it.

Simple, isn’t it! It’s now even easier to follow the progress of a song. Scrolling or using the arrow keys on your keyboard will navigate you through Tree View. So now you can listen to every Revision of the song without ever leaving the page.

On your mobile device, you can now simply swipe left or right to scroll through Tree View—making navigation easier than ever.

Good to know: In Tree View, people can only see the Revisions you decide to publish.


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