How do I collaborate?

One of BandLab’s most exciting features is to be able to invite your favourite users to work on a collaboration. Here’s how you go about doing that:

  1. Click on Library in the top navigation menu
  2. Click on the Triple Dot Icon beside the project you wish to collaborate on
  3. Click on Invite Collaborators
  4. Enter the usernames or emails of the Users you wish to collaborate with, and leave them a message!
  5. Click Send Invite

BandLab Web also features real-time collaboration. This means you can jam together with your friends across the world in real-time! Here are the steps you need to take to do so.

  1. Open the project you wish to collaborate on, in the Mix Editor
  2. Click on the Collaborator Icon at the bottom right
  3. Click on Start Live Session and you will be in Edit Mode
  4. Your collaborator will now be able to Join your Live session in View mode


  5. Only one person can edit at once. Once you are done, click on the Allow Control Icon to put your collaborator in Edit Mode

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